Because your home is worth it! At TABQUARTZ, we follow the world’s best technologies and processing practices, which are the result of our 23+ years of experience in processing natural stone at our parent company TAB. TABQUARTZ is the result of our love for stone and marks the beginning of a new age in the design and stone industry.

High density Quartz

Continuous R&D efforts helped TABQUARTZ to have a much higher density than that of similar products available in the market. High density implies the optimum use of UPR in the process, which in turn ensures better mechanical properties in the final product.

A very strong and experienced R&D team ensured the development of a NEW AGE Compaction with super high density quartz®  than that of similar products available in the market. This makes our slabs heavier and much more resistant to any wear & tear or stain than any other product.

TABQUARTZ slabs are compacted using a sophisticated Vacuum Vibro-Compaction Technology with the highest level of vacuum to form high density slabs with zero surface and bulk porosity and superior physical & mechanical properties.

Luster Technology

Luster technology TABQUARTZ

Right formulation, use of high-quality abrasives, sophisticated water depuration system, and the right selection of machine parameters enabled TABQUARTZ to have an excellent, rich Luster Finish superior to the other products available in the market.

TABQUARTZ Luster Technology is a result of more than 23 years of experience in processing Natural Stone and a very strong in-house R&D to develop specialty polishing tools with our Italian vendors which makes sure that you get slabs with a very high gloss – ranging from 55 to 75 (color-dependent).

Jumbo Slabs

Coming from our roots in natural stone, at TABQUARTZ, we intend to keep our slabs as natural as possible and minimize the addition of artificial substances. Our quartz has been standardized to keep the resin content from 5-9%. Due to this, our slabs are less prone to bending, less brittle, super heavy, and environment-friendly at the same time.

Our closed-loop molding line is highly automated, so the variation between different batches is brought to the minimum. Each slab is perfectly calibrated and beveled on all 4 sides to protect from any chipping. We can offer a normal size of 325 x 144 cm and a jumbo size of 325 x 162 cm.



We take pride in our Research & Development to have developed TABQUARTZ in a way that minimizes the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds in our slabs making it the preferred choice to use in hospitals, schools, etc. We use responsible material and processes to ensure that we minimize our carbon footprint and at the same time produce materials with the highest ethical and quality standards.

The use of specialty resins with minimum VOC’s, the use of high-quality abrasives especially developed with our Italian abrasive producers, a sophisticated water recycling and filtration system and careful calibration of machine parameters has enabled TABQUARTZ to have an excellent, rich Luster Finish® superior to the other products available in the market, making it our Unique Selling Point.

Due to its very low porosity, the new ultra-compact TABQUARTZ is highly resistant to stains caused both in the home and at the workplace which makes it an ideal fit-and-forget product.

Our products are certified by GREENGUARD® international with its GOLD standard as low emitting material suitable for indoor applications especially in schools, hospitals, etc.

UV Resistance

TABQUARTZ’s unique formulations ensure the usage of high-quality UV inhibiting (shielding) elements, that makes TABQUARTZ resistant to weathering and degradation due to exposure to UV radiation (sunlight).

TABQUARTZ uses the highest quality, specialty resin with UV resistant technology, which prevents slabs from fading and yellowing inside your homes and kitchen even with moderate exposure to UV radiation/ sunlight.

uv resistant TABQUARTZ

Static film

static film animated gif TABQUARTZ

We know you love our slabs, so we protect them with a statically charged plastic film that clings to the surface without the application of glue and when you have to remove it, it comes off very easily without any struggle. Before doing so, we treat the slabs with hot dry air to ensure that the slabs are well-sanitized before they reach you.

We sieve all the quartz electronically through various sizes, so there is always a consistency in the formulation of each slab. The nylon film is applied on the slab with an electrostatically charged machine, so there is no glue on the slab surface.

Our slabs come with chamfered edges and a calibrated bottom surface. Also, the slabs will have TABQUARTZ branding on the edges and at the back. Our slabs are crated/bundled using kiln-dried & heat-treated pine wood.


TABQUARTZ slabs are compacted using the best-in-class Vacuum Vibro-Compaction Technology which yields very high-density slabs with no surface and bulk porosity.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing makes sure that 100% styrene is consumed and evaporated through a multiple-filter,  green fume extraction system making TABQUARTZ free of any volatile chemicals.


TABQUARTZ’s dense and compact surface minimizes the absorption of water or any other liquid to less than 0.05% making it difficult for stains and fungi to thrive.

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