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Luxurious and sustainable quartz

Quality, sustainability, and work safety are the key elements of our philosophy. At TABQUARTZ, we use the most innovative technologies, which enable us to not only be efficient but also eco-friendly. Legal compliance, environmental protection, and waste reduction are the very foundation of our company culture.


“Green & Clean” being the main motto at TAB – nearly 80% of the energy that TAB uses is fully renewable and the company is making strides to become 100% renewable energy reliant.

We believe in giving back to Mother Earth more than what we take. Hence, the wood used by us is 100% renewable and is also free from any chemical treatments. We source the wood used for our packaging and crating all the way from the renewable forests of New Zealand.

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Product Impact

product impact TABQUARTZ

From the very beginning, a responsible approach to production has been an important part of our policy. We have always had a strong focus on minimizing our environmental impact throughout the whole process of quartz production, i.e. by reducing the unnecessary usage of materials, water, and energy.

Above all, TABQUARTZ ensures green concepts of water and power conservation, as well as carefully thought out procedures of waste disposal and eco-friendly systems. We are continuously working on improving our waste recycling rate and we also pay attention to water and power waste problems, which we try to reduce to the minimum. We invest in water and wind power plants because we are convinced of the beneficial influence of renewable and green energies on our planet.

Even the finest details are considered. For example, thanks to the translucent roofs in our factory buildings,  we use daylight to the maximum and save energy.


Besides safety in the factory, comfort and work atmosphere are also very important pillars of TABQUARTZ’s policy. From organising the healthiest & tastiest of meals to organizing a lot of competitions and tournaments, we make sure our employees’ morales are always high. Also, a special thanks to our magazine – TAB Express – which has helped us a lot to build a strong sense of community of committed coworkers and management. This is a rewarding experience for us and we are very proud of it.


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For many years, we have been trying to make the world around us a “little bit better” by supporting various social initiatives. We also support local farmers and schools in India, as education is the key to empowerment and long-term development, and we promote sustainable agriculture.


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