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TAB does not try to be just another natural stone factory. We live each production process with an indescribable passion. It has dawned upon us that we are not just natural stone suppliers – We are natural stone “dreamers”. That’s how TAB describes itself.  Now, we can say the same for Engineered Quartz Surfaces as well.


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The TAB Surfaces journey began in 1997 when brothers Amit Gupta & Sumit Gupta undertook trading operations between India and the United States. Armed with little more than a fax machine and determination, success came fast to the team, and the ground was soon broken on factory No. 1 in Bangalore. As demand increased for a reliable and competent partner in India for natural stone, TAB supplied well, their raw material requirement increased, and soon the ground was broken on quarry No. 1 of TAB Surfaces in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. In subsequent years, the company has amassed more than 20 quarries, multiple processing factories and established itself as a formidable force in both the processing and quarrying of natural stone in both India and around the world.

In more recent years, the conceptual side of the brand has taken on a new life when the global crisis of 2008 required everyone to think smarter and work harder than any time before. TAB has since expanded its distribution network to more than fifty countries and concentrated heavily on its two core competencies of processing and quarrying. This refinement of activity gives TAB Surfaces the quality control and raw material power that embody the symbol and the enduring character of TAB Surfaces – the elephant.

As seasons change and time marches on, even elephants have to adapt to the new climatic conditions and so has TAB. To keep up with the changing terrain of the market, TAB has entered the industry of manufacturing quartz slabs. The demand for this versatile product has increased over the recent years and the addition of quartz production to the TAB manufacturing campus in South India has been a welcome jolt of business, energy, and interest. As the only supplier that has combined both world-class natural stone and quartz under one production roof, the future looks bright for TAB’s advancement towards a pre-eminent global stone supplier status.

Remaining a global powerhouse in natural stone, TAB Surfaces expands its operation to offer a “New Age®” quartz with the same highest level of quality and service that its natural stone customers worldwide have come to expect and value.


The values our company embodies exist in the relationships we cultivate, both inside and outside the company. From the moment you enter the TAB surfaces factory grounds, you are welcomed by greenery, and a team of committed and detail-oriented individuals.

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